What Sets Us Apart?

With over 50 years of combined experience we implement best practices based on a combination of hard work, old school methods and modern day technologies. This unique and comprehensive approach ensures that we are staying ahead of changing technologies without deviating from the core principles of the industry. We specialize in meeting our customers where they are at. We understand that there is no fixed formula for success. We help each customer reach their goals through detailed planning and methods tailored to the individual needs of our customers. Our services include but are not limited to drayage, warehousing,  transportation, and final delivery to retailers making us your single source logistics solution.

How We Think

Customer satisfaction is a priority to us. When it comes to operations we expect to get it right every time. Superior operations require a company-wide belief that every pick, every shipment, every delivery is an opportunity to do a job that we feel proud to stand behind. We understand that value comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether we are talking dollars, cents, reduced time, or innovative thinking it's our job to understand what value means to our customers. Once we’re aligned, TQLS builds solutions to deliver that value, from the most basic to the most advanced methods. When it comes to communication we believe there is no such thing as too much. If it's important to you it's important to us, that's why we keep the lines clear for our customers to identify any questions or concerns immediately to ensure accuracy and efficiency with every single transaction.